How to propose?

Well when PG I find a boyfriend/man of my dreams and he asks me to marry him (says the very single me) this would be a fantastic way... 

I was so excited when I was asked to paint/spraypaint a special piece of art for a marriage proposal!!

Simon Perlmutter asked his girlfriend Sophie Greenfield to an art exhibition in Shoreditch on the 25th of May, her thinking it was just a casual Wednesday evening opening.

When they walked into the Kachelle Gallery, in which he had hired for that day/evening, and had filled the gallery walls with commissioned paintings of his girlfriend (now fiancé) and his favourite memories together, finishing off with 'will you marry me?'

I was honoured to be asked to paint/graffiti the final 'WILL YOU MARRY ME?' painting. I felt such part of the proposal, it was a pleasure making it for them. He asked for two tick boxes at the bottom of the painting...yes and no just incase. (so cute) See pictures below.

 She said YES!! 

Wishing them both a life time of love and happiness! - Gallery Details 

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