I Will Earn My Body




Our top 3 workout spots for Summer 2016:

1. Barry's Bootcamp
For a super high intensity workout that guarantees to burn almost 1,000 calories in a single class, it’s the perfect way to kick start your abs and booties into gear! The music is pumping with the hottest summer beats, the lighting is dim (just how we like it) and the session is over before you know it. Also, don't forget to pre-order their post workout protein shakes - delicious, nutritious and a well deserved treat!
£20 per class. Each day targets different muscle groups.
London central/London East


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2. Core Collective

London's hottest gym of 2016. Easy Peasy to join with no sign up fee and no contracts. They specialise in interval training, TRX and cycling.
5 sessions for £130, 10 for £240, 20 for £440 and 40 for £800
High Street Kensington


If you want to feel like a real champ, we're thinking Rocky Balboa... then this is the place to hit! Put on your hand wraps, lace up your gloves and get ready to rumble! Skipping, shadow boxing, punching bags to keep you on your toes. Undoubtedly the hippest boxing gym around, kitted out with the best equipment.

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First timers receive 2 classes for £25 with free branded wraps.
Chelsea, Kings Road

Just a few pointers that will help along the way... Take note!

1. Switch it up now and again. Variation and contrast are key! I mean who really wants to be in that same spinning class every day... "Right left, right left, blah blah" BORING! After a while, your body will reach a plateau and the exercise will stop taking effect. By changing up your workout, utilising and working all the different muscles in your body, thats when you will notice change and hey, maybe, even enjoy it BOOM!

2. If your goal is to get abs, don't waste your precious time in the gym doing thousand's of sit ups, if you’re just going to eat that piece of chocolate waiting on the top shelf of your fridge (we've all done it). Most people think, the more sit ups you do the quicker you'll get a six pack... NOOOO! A clean diet is just as important as exercise if not more, so resist the urge!

3. How many times have you heard your girl friends say, they don't like lifting heavy weights because they will get bulky? LOL! Women do not gain muscle as easily as men do. So please girls, do yourself a favour. Lifting those tiny dumbbells won’t get you anywhere. Those last few reps should NOT be easy. In fact, you should feel like you can barely lift them up without making the funniest of faces. Challenge those muscles, sweat, drink water and work hard! Don't worry about what your weight is telling you on the scales. After all... scales are for fish. It's what you see in the mirror and how you feel that counts. AMEN!

4. Lastly, and most importantly: THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS. Forget those 3 day fasts and juice cleanses. Just eat clean and healthily. You deserve a treat now and then, so don't be afraid to have some dessert or an ice lolly. Everything in moderation, so they say. Be proud of your body. It's an amazing thing!

Looking great, helps you to feel great and makes that workout even more bearable. Check out some of our favourite sites to boost your workout getup. Some items currently on sale! YIPPEE!!!


At the moment our favourite pre and post workout snacks are 'Pip and Nut' nut butters,http://www.pipandnut.com. We've been mixing them in smoothies and with oats before the gym. You can even buy little packs that you keep on you for elevenses, or that cheeky 4:00pm low blood sugar snack. Check out their website and try the new limited edition flavour Crunchy peanut butter with maple syrup. Heaven in your mouth! http://www.pipandnut.com/

Speak to you next week! x

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