Frieze Art Fair

Another year, another Frieze! For me it definitely means winter has started. London's most influential art fair, that has played host to hundreds of artists for over a decade. Combining contemporary installations from galleries across the globe with Frieze Masters, an exhibition of classic work dating from ancient periods. From the most jaw dropping installations to the Masters of the future, here are a few of our favourite pieces from 2016.


Pink Project Table (1994/2016) By Portia Munson A table so pink, I think even Barbie would have a panic attack! The American artist and sculptor said she has always been attracted to the colour and from a young age she said she started collecting pink things because she thought, ''why as a women am I associated with this colour?'' What is it about the colour that is connected to women? Portia has been collecting pink objects since 1980! This overwhelming collecting is arranged in a strict order on a four metre long table. Piggy banks, toy swords, dildos, plastic clips and barbie dolls are just some of the objects that make up this 'Pink Project Table'.

Pink Project Table 


charlotteposner posner c.posner artist london


A giant red concave mirrored surface by Anish Kapoor from Lisson Gallery Around 18 months in the making this giant, close to four metres high shimmering spectacle appears to hover over you when up close. This visually enticing piece turns everything caught in its mirror gaze into stripes and lines.

LIsson Gallery 

charlotteposner posner c.posner artist london  

Hauser & Wirth's carefully crafted yet chaotic looking booth You feel like you are walking into a recreated studio of an artist but in actual fact you are walking into a fantasy studio containing 47 unidentified works of the galleries artists.

Hauser & Wirth's 

charlotteposner posner cposner

Gary Webb at The Approach Gary Webb produces colourful and glossy works made from a plethora of industrial and prefabricated materials such as glass, Plexiglas, neon, wood, sand, cut metal, rubber, and marble. We loved his mirrored palm tree made from resin, steel and plastic which created a tropical atmosphere. Now, Where is the beach?!

Gary Wedd 

charlotte posner charlotteposner c.posner  

Marianne Boesky Gallery booth The silent library (2016) by Hans Op de Beeck - For a moment we felt like we weren't in Regents Park but a soft, white, plaster coated world. A library complete with framed painting, animals and figures. CANADA’s booth at Frieze London, 2016.

Marianne Boesky Gallery

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Samantha Golden's "Missing pieces from a fall of corners" Dining tables suspended from the walls, complete with pristine table cloths with breakfast, lunch or dinner. We really enjoyed this piece by the LA based sculptor. The work created an illusion of an alternate reality.

Samantha Golden 

charlotte posner posner c.posner  

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