Getting stoked about stickers!

If you thought stickers were just a thing of the past (that time when you were a wee kid with enough to cover the Great Wall of China), time to think again! The CP sticker collection is vibrant, quirky and fun. There are a few other brands out there that we also love; Katie Leamon and Berylune.

Here are 5 top ways to use stickers...

1) To seal a card or a gift

When placed on the back of a card it adds that extra special something and makes opening it all the more exciting. 

2) On a phone/ laptop/ ipad-case

A sticker or 2, definitely help to make your phone / laptop feel more personalised. Besides, if you're as fed up as me of always picking up the wrong phone, then it's a fab way to ensure it never happens again.

3) On a notebook

A few stickers can make a notebook feel that little more personal / colourful. Within the notebook itself they can also be used as quirky reminders of key dates or moments.

4) As a bookmark

For the 'oldschool' who still love a book, a sticker can be an excellent replacement for a bookmark. Or if you have a kindle, could always pop one on the back of there too!

5) On a wall

Not encouraging you to plaster your wall with stickers or anything, but an office space can sometimes need a little brightening up and these are the perfect quick fix.

Bet you're as stuck on stickers as us now?!

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