HOKEY POKEY - Why Poke is so HOT right now?

Poke (pronounced "Po-kay") is the Hawaiian verb "to slice or cut". Not to be confused with sashimi, poke is a Hawaiian speciality of chopped raw fish, usually tuna, made into a free form salad. 

For centuries Hawaiian fishermen would cut their catch of raw fish and season it with whatever ingredients they had, to snack on.

Modern versions of this dish are influenced by Japanese and other Asian cultures. They feature lean chunks of ahi tuna or salmon, marinaded with soy and sesame on a bed of rice, quinoa or kale. In addition, there are an endless choice of toppings to keep things varied; mushroom, edamame, avocado, seaweed, green onions, tomatoes, mango, chilli peppers, coconut cream, ginger, fish eggs, rice puffs or tempura flakes. Also a perfect dish for the vegetarians amongst us!


This salad is now sweeping the nation, quickly becoming the must-have dish of the moment! Luckily (although any excuse for a holiday) we don't need to hop over to Hawaii or LA for poke as the sparkly new AHI POKE has just landed on our doorstep in Fitzrovia. Diving into our generous poke bowl, which we built ourselves all for just £11, topped off with swirly soft serve, we were so impressed we even managed to forget about the English weather for a couple of hours!! Trendy and cool, with a beachy, laid-back vibe we absolutely loved it and and are already planning our next visit!


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Oh and whilst you're there, be sure to check out Charlotte Posner's beautiful wall mural!! We think it's pretty marvellous, what about you? ;)



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