The Logical Conclusion of Modern Fashion

The Logical Conclusion of Modern Fashion  

To the unrefined eye of those that don't understand the idiosyncrasies of the artistic mindset, Posner work might appear repetitive, random and basic in nature due to the raw stylistic choices used in the production of her works. Her medium is simple and the most commonly used within her profession however unlike most illustrators all of her works to date have three unified  themes which puts Posner work a league above the rest. 


These three themes are all held within the philosophy of her works, the first theme we need to comprehend is the philosophy of the humble typology. For those that don’t know a typology is a basic form language within imagery, allowing one to view multiple images of similar shapes, colours and contexts within one frame. Our primitive brains will naturally being to unravel their underlyingconfigurations into an assembly of scattered fractions, where our unique minds start to put the images back together now noticing the inconsistencies and difference within the patter laid out before us, in this complex yet easily digestible form of spot the difference. Another thing to note about typology is their intent to persevere the history, style and purpose of design within society and the animal kingdom both past and present tense.


The next persistent theme is that on the black heart sunglasses, which have three key  purposes one being to support a form of ambiguity and familiarity among the so-called dolls. Secondly to display that in the penultimate conclusion of fashion cloths tend to speak louder than the person wearing them at least from the perspective of the viewer. Lastly to highlight the femininity and message of the dolls as with a lack of facial features one will natural search for other means of identification. 


The last and perhaps the most important theme, is that the philosophical out look of the logical conclusion. To understand this theme we must look at the large field of art and art movements as a whole, as we are in the post modernist art regimen governed by actuality, skepticism and irony perhaps more so than concept of art for arts sake.


In a sense if art lacks self-awareness then is it even art, in a sense post modernism paradox of artistic intent; art may be inanimate however our view and impressions of it are very much alive. So thus Posner doll series can be described as the new form of art belonging to the genre  post postmodernism, this is because her work lacks irony. Her work should be viewed at the finalisation of the modern fashion industry and an example of what fashion may become if current social and economic trends continue. As we stand at the precipice of change either fashion becomes a shouting contest between peacocks or fashion becomes more than we consider fashion to be. This is the grand gesture of Posner’s work.


An Essay By Seth L Benjamin




Inspired by the illustrative works of Charlotte Posner 


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