A couple of weeks ago, Charlotte started a collaboration with the prestigious department store in London, Harrods. On the 14th of July, she contributed to the VIP Beauty Hall launch event and customised a series of illustrations for the guests.

For the event, Charlotte drew a couple of illustrations representing some colourful, delightful and butterfly-themed Pop-dolls. These creatures are an embodiment of the concept of Beauty, which was the main inspiration for the event.

Before the event started, Charlotte's chair and table were located at the very entrance of the hall. As soon as people arrived, the feedback was incredible! The guests showed enthusiasm towards Charlotte's Art and started queuing up to have their butterfly Pop-doll customised. 


Charlotte illustrations for Harrods Beauty Hall launch event


The new, majestic Beauty Hall's atmosphere was incredible. The inauguration event lasted four hours and the guests had fun exploring, trying delicious sweets and having a mesmerizing chat with Charlotte and other team members working in the Hall.

People were thrilled to have their pop-doll customised with their own features, and it was funny to see a miscellaneous array of butterfly pop-dolls, featuring different hairstyles and skin tones, wandering around the hallway.


Charlotte's customised Butterfly illustration for Harrods' Beauty Hall Launch event  Charlotte and her PR Assistant in Harrods before the Beauty Hall launch event


If you want to meet Charlotte, she'll be attending 'Notes on notes: A fine fragrance celebration' event in Harrods next weekend. We will keep you updated with the collaboration with the prestigious department store.