Charlotte Posner's art has been celebrated through a variety of media outlets, including The Sun, Artist Talk, Emirates Woman and BBC Culture Show.


"Charlotte Posner is a London-based illustrator, she creates great art work and is hugely popular for her Pop Dolls series. These ‘dolls’ run right through her work and she dresses them in branded content sometimes as commissions, and she sometimes paints their clothes out of beauty products. Charlotte even once dressed them in Irish biscuits, you’ve never seen a Kimberly, Mikado or Coconut Cream look so glam! Her art caught the eye of our very own Brown Thomas, and for the last two years she has produced an exclusive and affordable for the Marvel Room the last two Christmases producing prints, phone covers, stationery and more. Here’s what’s happening on Saturday with La Mer and Charlotte so dig out your best pencil!"

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MICASA MAGAZINE n.307 Aug 2020


"We have a wishlist for Santa this year and some luxury Christmas gifts are on our minds, if we get even one of these we will be thrilled! There is so much on offer, it feels as though Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the festive season are rolling from one into another. But if we could choose just one lust-worthy present this year, it would be one from this list."

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"What do you want people to get from your work? There is work which I do for myself, it's like writing a diary out loud. And work, which I like creating, driven by myself and the audience have an influence. It's great when other people have connected with my work, I can still make work that I wake up and enjoy making. Do you think art brings people together? Yes, art connects people visually, making it global. People, wherever they come from, whatever they do or whoever they are, can have a feeling or opinion on art. It's subjective. Art has always and will always be a talking point socially and culturally. "

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"If you are looking for the perfect gift and love art, then look no further! Talk Editor caught up with Charlotte Posner, a London-based contemporary artist, known for her vivacious hand-painted Pop Dolls artwork and beautiful illustrations. ​ A graduate in Fine Art from The Chelsea College of Art and Design, Charlotte uses her art to transcend barriers that divide us and bring joy. In 2014, she created a Twitter storm with the launch of her vibrant Pop Dolls paintings. Coca-Cola, Walls, Kellogg's, Nails INC and Disney all complimented the work and one piece later became the creative for the Magnum UK social media platforms. ​ Charlotte has been featured as in-house artist at Louis Vuitton, Crème de la Mer and Japanese cosmetics brand Shiseido and has exhibited in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Japan, New York and Singapore. Her work has also been showcased in various art institutions, such as Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, Tate Modern or Saatchi Drawing Competition. ​ In this interview, Charlotte shares how she became a full-time artist, why she thinks dyslexia is a challenge and a gift, her best pieces of advice for aspiring artists, and much more!"

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"What was your brand’s USP? My unique selling point was creating a distinctive fun image and collaborating with major brands. I alter and adapt the context of consumer products for example brands like baked beans don’t usually see their food as hair piece! That’s my unique selling point. I simply take modern day contemporary subject matter and put them into my pop dolls. Who’s your target audience? My work appeals to all ages and doesn’t need a language to understand; I want anyone to love my work. How do you spread the word about what you do? Social media platforms have allowed me to show my work instantly and express myself as a character to an audience. I post consistently and whilst working I’m always showing the process and the story behind the brand."

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"New graduates will find that building a career on the back of artistic talent often involves taking some unexpected turns and can mean channelling that talent into creative industries outside of the art world, or combining it with the entrepreneurial nous to create their own platform for success. London-based artist Charlotte Posner is one artist who has certainly excelled in this latter category by collaborating with major brands and fashion labels and going on to set up her own company selling a gifting collection of merchandise decorated with her art. Posner admits that after graduating from Chelsea College of Art and Design she was “worried about getting her artwork out there.”"


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"We love celebrating strong, successful humans here at The Caviar Spoon. These are the women and men who are working it and owning it in life, work, and everything in between. Our newest #rebelleboss is London based contemporary artist and collaboration Queen Charlotte Posner. Not only is it refreshing to share inspirational insights into the highs (and sometimes lows) of business but it’s an ideal way to find brands to collaborate with. If you haven’t heard of Charlotte then today is seriously your lucky day. Not only the creator of the Charlotte Posner “Pop Dolls” but also an absolute advocate of clever collaborations ranging from Brown Thomas, Louis Vuitton, Shiseido through to painted perfume bottles called “Notes on Notes” for a collaboration between the Royal Philiharmonic and Harrods. Our kind of girl… all sounds an easy breezy ride?..... "

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"Choosing the perfect Christmas gift for that special lady in your life can be a daunting task. Fear not! We’ve pulled together some fabulous gift ideas to help make her Christmas as special as possible. From killer heels to luxury gift sets, scents and jewellery, we guarantee there is something here every woman will love."

"Whether it’s a gift for your Mum, your best friend or yourself, these Christmas gift ideas are sure to please."


"On realising that Charlotte lived locally, I made contact to meet with her and get to know more about her work. I also have to confess that the thought of seeing Charlotte’s artwork in real life was going to be a real swoon worthy opportunity. Charlotte is the daughter of the Posner family that own the Interior Design business in South Woodford. Charlotte’s father took over the running of the business 65 years ago from his own father and the shop has been on our High Street for many years. So, a very creative family. I met Charlotte at her home where she was working on an artwork commission for a customer in Germany."


"Everyone needs a bit of pampering at Christmas – whether treating yourself or someone you love, beauty products are beautiful gifts at this time of year."



"Sustainability is a hot topic at the moment and we all now fully recognise we can’t continue to consume and dispose of plastic in the manner we have been. A 2017 study showed that some 63% of all Irish adults, around 2.4 million people, drink bottled water. In addition, it has been calculated that every Irish person generates 61kg of plastic waste each year**. Add a touch of artistic fun to your sustainability endeavours with a Charlotte Posner reusable water bottle and say goodbye to single use plastic."


"A must for all beauty gurus, Charlotte’s stunning Makeup Doll artwork also features her glamorous, picture perfect ladies and makes a chic addition to a bathroom or bedroom. This signed and numbered limited edition print comes beautifully framed and ready to hang in your home."


"Christmas shopping can be a bit of a nightmare. There's the stress of not knowing what to buy for someone really special, like your Mum, brother or best friend, combined with the horrendous, hectic panic that seems to engulf the high street from December 1st onwards. If only there was an immaculately laid out, aesthetically pleasing festive shopping paradise in existence, where all of our favourite high end brands were available in a relaxed, boutique setting. Fantasize no more, as Brown Thomas is bringing this shopping aspiration to life this festive season."