CHARLOTTE POSNER X Glyndebourne Opera House

Summer 2019, Charlotte was selected as the chosen artist by British opera house, Glyndebourne, on their seasonal merchandise; an honour she shares with acclaimed artists, Grayson Perry and Peter Brookes. 

Entering Glyndebourne is like entering Neverland for London-based contemporary artist Charlotte Posner, who started a collaboration with the famous English Opera House. The artist, who has also started her own accessories and homeware brand, has taken inspiration from the magical atmosphere characterising the place to create some really dreamlike paintings. The two selected artworks adorned a product collection including, homeware, silks, fashion and jigsaws and are available in Glyndebourne shop and online.

Following are the top 5 limited-edition objects from this collection you cannot miss: 

1. 'Orchestra' Set of 4 Coasters 

These coasters feature her pen and ink watercolour the Orchestra, which was inspired by Glyndebourne Festival's bold musical colours. They are among the best-sellers of the entire collection. 


2. 'Lily Pad' Director's Chair 

The painting reproduced on this beautiful chair is 'Lily Pad'. To paint it, the artist took inspiration from the magical essence of Glyndebourne, the House and beautiful grounds. 

About the painting, Charlotte said: ‘I’ve deliberately left it ambiguous as to whether the figures in my paintings are viewing the opera or are on the stage performing. This is entirely open to interpretation. This way the audience experience is as much part of the spirit of Glyndebourne’.


3. 'Orchestra' Mug 

Enjoy your morning or afternoon tea in this bizarre, colourful mug. It is one of this limited-edition bestseller and it is also available in the Lily Pad pattern. 


4. 'Orchestra' set of 4 placemats 

Complete your table set of Orchestra coasters with matching placemats. The first ones are also available in Lily Pad pattern as well as the tray and the magnet, also available online at


5. 'Lily Pad' Pocket Square

Last but not least, do not forget to check out Charlotte's stunning Lily Pad Pocket Square. It is a refined silk handkerchief to wear for every kind of celebration, and maybe the absolute bestseller of the collection.

All of these products are now available on Glyndebourne SHOP website and in store. 


June 07, 2019 — Charlotte Posner