OUR BEST SELLERS! - Charlotte Posner

Too much choice? Here is a list of some of our best sellers to help you decide!

Water Bottle

Strong yet lightweight, the water bottle has been one of our most popular products. It’s made from premium food-grade stainless steel and can keep any drinks cold for up to 12 hours, as well as being condensation and leak proof. Every time a bottle is bought, £1 is donated to Clean Coasts, a charity that keeps our oceans and beaches plastic-free!

Oh Sweetie! Organisers

This A5, spiral bound, Pop Doll print organiser is designed to help you keep track of all your plans and goals. It has tabbed sections and ruled pages, along with a page of Pop Doll stickers to spice up your ideas.

Stripes make-up bag

This handmade, smooth leather make-up bag, with it’s rather literal Pop Doll design, is perfect for carrying your favourite cosmetic products. It has water resistant lining and can be taken on your travels or just stay at home.


From the large range of artworks that have been released, Kitchen-related Pop Doll designs have usually sold the best. These include Saucy Ladies, coffee in the Morning, Tea darlings, Breakfast Spreads and many more!

Some other popular artworks are from the Lux Range, such as Flamingo and Little Black Dress, as well as single-Pop Doll paintings such as Love Makes the World Go ‘Round, Miss Macaroon and Love Birds.


Here is our Top 10 Best Selling Products!

  1. Unicorn Water Bottle - £34 (currently on sale, as of 11/7/19)
  2. Large Make-Up Bag - £69.95
  3. Sea Creatures Water Bottle - £34 (currently on sale, as of 11/7/19)
  4. Make-Up Phone Case - £17
  5. Stripes Make-Up Bag - £59.95
  6. Colour Theory Phone Case - £17
  7. Brush Make-Up Bag - £45
  8. Tropical Flowers - £17
  9. Oh Sweetie! A5 Organiser – £22.95
  10. Sea Life #Blue - £19.95

And here is our Top 10 Best Selling Artworks! (all from £65)

  1. Saucy Ladies
  2. Coffee in the Morning
  3. Love Makes the world Go ‘Round
  4. Tea Darlings
  5. Breakfast Spreads
  6. Hello Sweetie
  7. Cocktail Pop Dolls
  8. Lucky Charms
  9. Lux Range - Flamingo
  10. Lux Range – Little Black Dress