Shape and form. Colour and confidence. This is Charlotte Posner.

A London-based artist, Charlotte was trained from the age of 14 to paint using oils. The years that followed saw a fine arts degree, a year abroad and her dabbling in traditional, abstract and realism, and trying her hand at etching. Charlotte’s passion soon lead her to begin painting commercially.

Enter Charlotte’s “Magnificent” girls, hand painted with traditional dip pen ink. After cooking up a storm on Twitter with Coca-Cola, Walls, Kellogg's, Nails INK and Disney all complimenting her work, her girls later became the new faces of Magnum UK. Since, the Pop Doll series has embodied the wonders of fashion, branding, commodity culture and art.

And as you wander the streets of London, whether you’re strolling past the Soho Hotel, picking up Paddington Bear from the station, or taking a swig of your gin and tonic in Shoreditch, keep an eye out for these Pop Dolls, featured in some of Charlotte’s live art displays and graffiti extravaganzas.

Since, Charlotte has exhibited internationally, showing her works in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Lahore, Los Angeles, New York and Singapore. Back in the United Kingdom, aside from her work on display at Christie’s, her painting entitled “The Theatre” was accepted into the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and also made part of special event “From Morning Till Night”, for Katerina Šedá hosted by the Tate Modern.


To make art something that heightens self-worth, is eco-conscious and transcends everything that divides us.


We want people to experience art through the products they use everyday. We want it to be wearable and relatable.


Diversity: Represent society in each brush stroke

Creativity: For the love of art

Freedom: Let nothing hold you back

Ethical art: Give back, and safeguard and support the environment